Child Loss Statistics: Race

Child loss and death rates by race vary widely. Explore the charts and graphs below to learn which race makes up the largest percent of deaths, what trends in death rate exist for each race, and what are the leading causes of death by race and more.

Please use this chart as a reference when comparing percent of total deaths.
The Races in these visualizations were the only ones available via the CDC (i.e., Hispanic, etc. was not available).

Which Race Makes Up the Largest Percent of Deaths?

Although Whites makes up the largest percentage of deaths, Black or African American deaths are disproportionate to the U.S. population, as this group makes up 27% of deaths but only 17% of the population (per table above).

What Percent of Deaths Do Each Race Have by Age?

Every race maintains a consistent percent of total deaths with the exception of Black or African American at the less than one year age.

What Percent of Deaths Do Each Race Have by Year?

The percent of total deaths by race remains relatively static until recent years, in which Black or African American begin to have a larger percentage.

What is the Death Rate For Each Race by Age?

Black or African American have the highest death rates at every single age.

What is the Death Rate Trend for Each Race?

Death Rate generally trends downward for each race during this time frame, however, each race experiences an uptick in recent years.

What Are the Top Causes of Death by Race?

“External causes of morbidity and mortality” and “Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period” make up the first and second cause of death for each race.

Race Summary Table

Child Loss Statistics Race Summary

This table is offers additional details on deaths by race and age. This data represents all deaths and their respective age’s population from 1999 through 2019.

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Data Background

Data from CDC 1999 through 2019. Ages <1 Year through 20 Years Old.
The “Death Rate” is calculated by dividing the number of deaths by the population.
The “% of Total Deaths” is calculated by dividing the deaths for that specific age by the deaths for all ages.