Child Loss Statistics: Trends

Although encouraging to see the overall trends in child loss decrease, recent years have shown slight increases in the rate of deaths. Explore the data below to see what the trends in death rate have been by age, gender and race.

What is the Trend of Child Deaths and Death Rate?

Child Deaths and Death Rate Trended Since 1999

Despite an increase in 2015 and 2016, the overall number of deaths and death rate has decreased since 1999.

How Has the Death Rate Changed for Children Less Than 1 Year Old?

The number of children less than one year old who have passed away per the population (Death Rate) has decreased since 1999 – a positive sign to see this number going in the right direction.

How Has the Death Rate Changed for Children of Older Age Groups?

While the Death Rate has generally trended downward for every age group since 1999, the 16-20 year old group has recently seen an increase in recent years.

How Does the Death Rate by Gender Trend Over Time?

Boys and girls experience a decrease in Death Rate since 1999, but both genders see an increase in 2015 and 2016.

What is the Death Rate Trend for Each Race?

Death Rate generally trends downward for each race during this time frame, however, each race experiences an uptick in recent years.

What Percent of Deaths Do Each Race Have by Year?

The percent of total deaths by race remains relatively static until recent years, in which Black or African American begin to have a larger percentage.

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Data Background

Data from CDC 1999 through 2019. Ages <1 Year through 20 Years Old.
The “Death Rate” is calculated by dividing the number of deaths by the population.
The “% of Total Deaths” is calculated by dividing the deaths for that specific age by the deaths for all ages.