Multi-Day Retreat

The third objective of Just Enduring’s Mission Statement is to create a multi-day retreat in Missouri, centrally-located in the U.S., where parents can gather to discuss the common thoughts and feelings that accompany the loss of a child. Perhaps more importantly, this retreat acts as an opportunity for bereaved parents to let their guard down that they commonly have up when around family and friends who can never fully understand exactly what losing a child is like. This retreat will connect bereaved parents who have had similar loss experiences.

Just Enduring is currently discussing plans for this phase of our organization. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to offer this retreat as a safe haven for parents. In the meantime, please contact us via the link below to let us know if you are interested in attending a future retreat. Once we are up and running we will reach out to you to touch base.

In the meantime, we encourage you to attend Faith’s Lodge in Wisconsin if you are able to make it there.