When you’re enduring the loss of your child,
we’re with you.

Resources for Parents

Just Enduring puts child loss resources into parents’ hands as soon as they need it. We offer information from funeral planning to tips on how to tell surviving siblings about the loss to connecting with other bereaved parents who can best understand the enduring pain.

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A Parent Like You

Parent Guide to Sibling Grief

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Step-by-Step Guide

Receive Just Enduring’s Step-by-Step Guide to help navigate through your grief journey. Our booklet includes a day-by-day checklist, as well as additional tips on remeberance & relationships.

Parent Guide to Sibling Grief

Download Just Enduring’s Parent’s Guide to Helping Children Grieve the Death of a Sibling. It outlines how to help them adjust to life without their sibling and includes suggested responses to children’s questions, ways to remember and drawing and writing prompts.

A Parent Like You

Just Enduring’s child loss support program focuses on 1×1 connections with bereaved parents who have experienced a similar loss. We found these connections to be one of the most helpful tools during the child loss grief journey.

“It has been so helpful having someone who completely understands all the pain and suffering and hard situations … just allowing me to say what is in my heart and head and know that she has been there before as well.”

Moira, Daniel’s Mom (A Parent Like You participant)

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Resources for Family & Friends

Information to help family and friends, including thoughts and feelings on grief, as well as to what to say or what to do to help bereaved parents.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Pamphlet for Parents

Parent Guide to Sibling Grief

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Resources for Bereaved Parents

Child Loss Stats


Child Loss in Media

Blog: Living & Loving After Child Loss

Resources for Caregivers

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, chaplain, social worker or counselor, when you interact with bereaved parents or soon-to-be bereaved parents, your actions and words can be immensely powerful.

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Pamphlet for Parents

Refer A Parent

What To Do

Step-by-Step Guide

Parent Guide to Sibling Grief

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Every 10 Minutes a Parent Loses a Child


Parents Mourn Annually

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Our Children’s Stories

Moms and dads share their child’s story, from the joy to the sadness, along with the challenges and silver linings after their child passed away.
Jackson Schmitt, who Love Like Jackson, a 501c3 is named for.

Love Like Jackson

By Carrie Schmitt, Jackson’s Mom

Kyle Mertens Holding His Daughter Ella Mertens

When Loss Changes Everything: Ella’s Story

By Kyle Mertens, Ella’s Dad

Lindsey Hand

Lindsey’s Story

By Lester Hand, Lindsey’s Dad

Living & Loving After Child Loss Blog

Parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, coworkers and caregivers share their experiences surrounding child loss in hopes of helping others.
The Milestones That Keep Coming

The Milestones That Keep Coming

By Martha McGeehon, Everly’s Mom

Surviving the Holidays

By Liene Ciguze, David’s Mom

The Balancing Act

By Becca Kohn, Sammi’s Mom