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Learn about our impact on parents, family, friends and caregivers of child loss. See our annual summary as well as our financial statements.

2021 Impact

2021 Impact

Click each of the sections below to see what we accomplished in our first full year with just a volunteer staff.

1. Expanded Resources on JustEnduring.org

Within Just Enduring’s Mission, we have a keen focus on providing immediate resources to parents, family and friends of child loss when they need it most. To meet that goal, having a website with robust resources is a must. While we launched the site in late 2020, we enhanced it in 2021 to offer a greater breadth of resources.

We partnered with hospital staff to create a “Caregivers” section on our site that enables doctors, nurses, clergy, mental health professionals, funeral home directors, etc. to offer resources to parents, family and friends of child loss. This includes a printable pamphlet that explains what resources we offer.

We also created a section on our website called “Child Loss Statistics“, which provides data on child loss, broken up into several different categories. This section will enable us to not only better understand our audience, but allow others to understand the need for the resources we offer.

2. Drove Awareness

We were so lucky to have had our local St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper write an article about how Ben and Lara’s loss of Jackson and Nick and Martha’s loss of Everly led to the creation of Just Enduring. The support we received from readers was truly touching.

Just Enduring welcomed Sarah Kariniemi to our team as our Social Media Coordinator. Sarah dedicates her time as a volunteer to create and implement our social media content across several platforms. She has been invaluable in our success in this endeavor. Since launching on Social Media, Sarah has written nearly 400 posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to connect with bereaved parents, family, friends and caregivers.

Reaching our audience via social media has helped to bring more than 4,000 visitors to justenduring.org. this year. The most popular pages under our Resources for Parents section were the “Grief” and “A Parent Like You” pages, while the most popular pages under the Family & Friends section were the “What to Say” and “What to Do” pages.

Further, we have utilized Google Ad Grants to appear more than 11,000 times in front of bereaved parents when they search for child loss terms on Google.

3. Launched “A Parent Like You”

A Parent Like You is our program to connect parents together who experience a similar child loss. In preparation to launch this program, our team put together training materials and trained our first round of parent volunteers to act as guides to the newly bereaved.

The “A Parent Like You” page is among the top visited on our website. We have been receiving steady inquiries from bereaved parents all around North America who want to be connected. We have interacted with more than 35 individuals through this program to match them with bereaved parents with similar experiences and losses.

2021 Just Enduring Annual Summary

2022-23 Impact

2022-23 Impact

Click each of the sections below to see what we accomplished from January 2022 – June 2023.

1. Supporting Bereaved Parents

During the past year and a half, we have continued to expand the resources we offer, focused on driving more traffic to our website, continued to match parents in our peer support program, and made connections and partnerships with like organizations to expand our reach.

From January 2022 to June 2023, we interacted with 92 parents who requested to be a part of our “A Parent Like You” peer support program. We also saw an average of 750 visitors to our site each month, with the traffic increasing month after month.

Just Enduring continued to expand it’s partnerships and connections with local organizations. We partnered with Hutchens and Baue funeral homes to provide resources and care packages to bereaved parents; we partnered with the Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation in a joint effort to promote each other’s services to grieving families; and we joined Ella’s Umbrella and Love Like Jackson to provide resources to families for grieving siblings.

2. Creating New Resources

Just Enduring is proud to now offer care packages to funeral homes and hospitals in an effort to reach parents in the early days of their loss. These care packages include not only information about Just Enduring and the services we offer, but also comforting items such as tea, hot chocolate, chocolates, a photo keychain, and a coffee mug. We even include a card letting the parents know the choice of what they do with their mug is up to them – enjoy a warm beverage or destroy it into many pieces, whichever helps them grieve better. We are currently partnering with several locations and are always looking to expand our impact.

3. Interacting with Our Community

As the pandemic let up, we began expanding our community involvement efforts through events and media. We participated in the “Always Andy’s Mom” podcast (episodes 143 and 144), where four of Just Enduring’s founding members share their stories, and we were featured in an article for the UMSL (University of Missouri – St. Louis) Daily Publication. We are grateful for the privilege to be featured and hope it continues to raise awareness about the resources we offer.

We also participated in Thinksgiving, a Saint Louis event ran by Filament for nonprofits to collaborate with local businesses to creatively problem solve and focus on future endeavors. During the event, the Just Enduring team focused on automating grief experiences for those we serve, as well as focusing on collaboration with funeral homes to reach more parents in need.

Thank You Volunteers and Donors for Your Support!

We cannot thank our volunteers and donors enough! Our 2022-2023 impact would not have been what it was without each of you!


Social Media Coordinator
Sarah Kariniemi

Blog Writers
Kyle Mertens
Lester Hand
Becca Kohn
Liene Ciguze
Lara Gillham
Nick McGeehon

Special Thanks!
Jeff Watkin (Logo Design)
Dan Zlatic (Digital Tech Support)
Miranda Lee (Facebook Support)
Julie Turner (Strategic Recommendations)
Eric Mulherin (Grant Writing)
Filament (Thinksgiving Facilitator)
MiTek (Thinksgiving Team)
Betty Mertens (Thinksgiving Team)
Mary Aubrey (Thinksgiving Team)
LittleBits Gym at Cheer STL (Kid Like You Event)
Duo Dogs (Kid Like You Event)

Top Donors

Ken & Allison Remy
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Nestle Purina
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