Resources For Bereaved Parents, Family And Friends

Please explore this page to find resources to help you or your loved one navigate the loss of a child. If you are in search of something you do not see on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get you connected to the right resource for you.

Resources for Bereaved Parents

Information to help parents navigate their unexpected loss. Everything from funeral and lactation information to books for siblings and practical tips to help with the logistics.

Resources for Family and Friends

Information designed specifically for family and friends on their own grief and how to best support parents who have lost a child.

Child Loss Statistics

Statistics to increase awareness on how common child loss is even in the United States.

Living & Loving After Child Loss Blog

The Milestones That Keep Coming

The Milestones That Keep Coming

By Martha McGeehon, Everly’s Mom

Surviving the Holidays

By Liene Ciguze, David’s Mom

The Balancing Act

By Becca Kohn, Sammi’s Mom

Never Thought I Would Need Therapy

By Lara Gillham, Jackson’s Mom

My Numbers Don’t Add Up

By Becca Kohn, Sammi’s Mom

Our Children’s Stories

Jackson Schmitt, who Love Like Jackson, a 501c3 is named for.

Love Like Jackson

By Carrie Schmitt, Jackson’s Mom

Kyle Mertens Holding His Daughter Ella Mertens

When Loss Changes Everything: Ella’s Story

By Kyle Mertens, Ella’s Dad

Lindsey Hand

Lindsey’s Story

By Lester Hand, Lindsey’s Dad

Sarah holding her son Cam with her husband Isaac

Keeping Cam’s Memory Alive

By Sarah Shields, Cam’s Mom

Betty Holding Her Daughter Ella

Better Because of Ella

By Betty Mertens, Ella’s Mom