Navigating Child Loss: A Step-By-Step Guide


No parent ever anticipates having to plan a funeral for their child. Nor do they expect to have to coordinate with their child’s school and extracurricular activities or cancel their child’s social security card. But when the worst happens, parents have a number of logistics to figure out while enduring the worst grief imaginable. Through our “Navigating Child Loss: A Step-by-Step Guide,” Just Enduring wants to take weight off of parents’ shoulders. This booklet includes a checklist along with additional detailed information about what to do:

During Your Child’s Last Moments
0-2 Days After Your Child Passes
3-7 Days After Your Child Passes
8-30+ Days After Your Child Passes

To further help you during your grief journey, this step-by-step guide offers additional tips, such as thoughtful ways to remember your child and how to approach relationships with significant others and family and friends. Enter your email to receive a copy of this step-by-step guide today.

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