The third objective of Just Enduring’s Mission Statement is to create a multi-day retreat centrally-located in the U.S., where parents can gather to discuss the common thoughts and feelings that accompany the loss of a child. Perhaps more importantly, this retreat acts as an opportunity for bereaved parents to let their guard down that they commonly have up when around family and friends who can never fully understand exactly what losing a child is like. This retreat will connect bereaved parents who have had similar loss experiences.

Just Enduring is currently discussing plans for this phase of our organization. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to offer this retreat as a safe haven for parents. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to check out the retreats below.

Luella's Lodge Logo

Luella’s Lodge

Luella’s Lodge is located in Oakwood, Illinois and provides support groups and non-traditional holistic therapies for families grieving the death of a child. Luella’s Lodge utilizes a beautiful log cabin on 10  peaceful and serene acres with a private lake and hiking & biking trails to provide a retreat where families can connect with one another through grief and healing.

Faith's Lodge Logo

Faith’s Lodge

Faith’s Lodge is located in Danbury, Wisconsin and provides a multiple-day retreat for parents and siblings coping with the death or medically complex condition of a child. The programming is based on your child’s age and circumstances, which allows you to be with other families going through a similar experience. All activities are optional and include therapist-led discussion groups, individual therapy sessions, mindfulness, massage therapy, therapeutic arts and crafts, and outdoor activities. The lodge has a generous scholarship assistance program.

BJC Hospice Weavings Retreat Logo

Weavings Retreat

BJC Hospice offers its Weavings Retreat to any mother who has lost their son or daughter due to any cause after birth. The retreat includes some large group experiences, small group discussions, self-care and pampering time, a variety of outlets for expressing emotion, and time to remember their children and honor their forever motherhood.

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