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Submit your Living & Loving After Child Loss blog. This blog is an opportunity for parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members, along with friends, coworkers and hospital professionals to share their experiences surrounding the loss of a child, grandchild, sibling, etc. These blogs are meant to help others enduring the loss of a child.

If Just Enduring had to sum up its message in one phrase it’d be that “Losing a child is the worst experience anyone has to endure, however, life and love will continue in the aftermath.” If the above sentiment fits with your topic, we encourage you to tie this message into your blog to offer hope to parents and surrounding family and friends in their darkest days. That being said, we know that people experience grief differently, and there are a variety of extenuating circumstances surrounding each loss. We realize that this grief journey is different for everyone and we want the focus to be on sharing your experiences and viewpoints surrounding the loss of your child, in whatever way you think is best.

Living & Loving After Child Loss Blog

Surviving the Holidays

By Liene Ciguze, David’s Mom

The Balancing Act

By Becca Kohn, Sammi’s Mom

Never Thought I Would Need Therapy

By Lara Gillham, Jackson’s Mom

My Numbers Don’t Add Up

By Becca Kohn, Sammi’s Mom

Nick McGeehon with His Children

My Choice

By Nick McGeehon, Everly’s Dad