Child Loss in Movies, TV, Music and Sports

Child loss impacts everyone across all walks of life. It impacts parents, family and friends who are more well-known or even considered famous. Understanding and seeing that grief stretches across the entire human race can help bereaved parents feel less alone. Anytime we see child loss in mentioned in mainstream media, we want to share it with our bereaved community as an opportunity to relate to the feelings and thoughts of others.

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Please note, some of this media can be very emotional, especially if you’ve more recently experienced a loss.


Loss in Movies


Collateral Beauty

The Starling

Joe Bell

If Anything Happens I Love You

Rabbit Hole

Pieces of a Woman

Ordinary People



Loss on TV

Mom Does Good Deeds to Honor Son …

Telephones of the Wind

The Parents Who Lost 3 Children

A Message from Nick Cannon


Loss in Music

Tears in Heaven

Beam Me Up

I’ll Be Missing You

Small Bump

Lightning Crashes


Gone Too Soon



I Miss You


Who You’d Be Today

More Stories Found Online

Loss in Other Stories Online

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Child Loss in TV, Music and Sports

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