Having a family member or close friend lose their child may be one of the hardest challenges you’ll have to face. These resources for family and friends hopes to help you navigate this journey by providing you with some information and materials about how to best support them during what is likely the worst time of their lives. In addition, we have materials to help support you after such a loss.

What to Say

No one really knows what to say to a parent who has lost a child. See these tips and thoughts based on our experiences as bereaved parents.

What to Do

Everyone grieves differently. Find information on what you can do to help a grieving parent.

Download and print this pamphlet as a resource to offer to bereaved parents.

Refer A Parent

Refer a parent(s) who has experienced a recent child loss who you would like us to send resources to.

What Employers and Co-Workers Can Do

How you can help an employee or coworker who has lost a child.

What Bereaved Parents Are Thinking & Feeling

Learn about the thoughts and feelings that are a part of the grief parents experience after the loss of a child.

Resources for Parents

Everything from funeral and lactation information to books for siblings. Share these practical tips with bereaved parents to help them navigate their unexpected loss.

Child Loss in TV, Music and Sports

Child loss impacts everyone across all walks of life. Peruse child loss in TV, music and sports to see how unfortunately universal grief is.

Grieving as a Family Member or Friend

Though not your child, you have also lost someone special. Find support for yourself and learn about the experiences of others in similar circumstances.