Just Enduring Co-founder Nick McGeehon with his children: Campbell, Everly and Jack

A Title I Didn’t Earn

By Nick McGeehon, Everly’s Dad

My mornings include two rituals, a hot cup of coffee and a time of reflection on what I am grateful for that morning. As we approach Father’s Day weekend, I’m reflecting on all that I am grateful for as a father.

I am blessed to spend time with my own Dad and to watch him smile, laugh and enjoy his grandbabies. I am fortunate to have had so many father figures in my life to admire and from which to learn. Each has left a lasting impression on who I am as a person and as a father.

I am most grateful though for the little humans that call me Daddy. Each has their own unique personality and their own way of touching my life.

My oldest, Campbell, amazes me every day with her curiosity, brilliance and joy in all things. She has given me patience, curiosity and a “don’t take yourself so seriously” outlook on life.

My youngest, Jack, doesn’t have a lot of words yet, but his thoughts and feelings can be clearly felt in a hearty giggle, a giant smile or a displeased side-eyed stare (been on the receiving end of many of these).

Then there is Everly. My sweet little girl who came into my life and left way too quickly. She was born in April 2018 and passed away in August 2018. While we didn’t get many holidays to celebrate with her in their short life, I am fortunate that Father’s Day was one of them.

Everly is my child that completely changed my life. Out of the darkness of pain and grief following her death came clarity. In the midst of the tempest of losing a child I was able to find myself, my purpose and my true north.

It was in the aftermath of Everly’s death that I chose to start out on a new career path. One in which I could be true to myself and my family while making an impact on others. Every day I get to help others understand, navigate and achieve home ownership, something that means so much to all our life journeys. It is incredibly fulfilling to work that I am grateful to have the opportunity to do.

Not too long ago a client sent me the following:

“… Everly will be a part of every family you help as they transition from one living situation to another. In a way she gave you to all of us. We are grateful that she inspired you to become a Realtor and we believe her memory will continue to be the driving force behind each new family’s experience with her Daddy.”

It brings me great joy that Everly not only changed my life, but that she touches so many other lives through me.

My children make me who I am and because of them I get to do amazing things. I have had many titles in my life and career, but none of them bring me as much joy as Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there who mean so much to so many.

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