Rainbow in front of dark clouds with evergreen trees beneath

Finding Rainbows Through Grief

By Martha McGeehon and Sarah Kariniemi, Everly’s Mom and Brecken’s Mom

I often refer to grieving the loss of my baby like some sort of natural phenomenon. Some days grief is as light as a rainy day but other times as heavy as a giant tsunami. One day I might experience a sudden lightning bolt strike of anger, while other days I am whirled around in thoughts and feelings like a racing tornado.

During this storm I find myself trying my hardest to just hold on. I might feel like hiding in the basement safe from the tornado. Finding shelter in the love and support from all my family and friends. Trying my best to pick up the pieces of a broken heart.

No matter what the current experience with grief is, I will remember that weather always changes. The storm doesn’t last forever and if you look close enough there might just be a rainbow when it passes.

A rainbow is a sign of hope and love and can show up in many different forms. Sometimes they are bold and bright and other times they may be subtle and faint.

Rainbows could be an unexpected text from a friend checking in.
A warm breeze and bright sunshine.
A quiet morning with a warm cup of coffee.
Love and support of friends and family.
Giggles and smiles from our other children.
An unexpected giraffe, butterfly or something else that reminds you of your baby.
A new baby to pour your love into.
A random act of kindness that brightens someone’s day.
Easy soul filled conversation with old friends.
Connecting with another bereaved parent who just gets it without saying a word.

These rainbows don’t take away the grief or loss but they do help soften the edges and make the next grief storm just a little easier to power through.

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