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Random Acts of Kindness

By Sarah Kariniemi, Brecken’s Mom

After the loss of a child, there are always times when we look to do something in memory of them. We want to remember them or connect with them in a way that makes our hearts feel good. Grieving is hard, and it often takes a lot of energy to just make it day by day.

Random acts of kindness can be as big or as small as you make them. Use this day, or any special day, to do something that honors your child. Say their name. Get your family and friends involved or do it anonymously for yourself. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make warm blankets. Whether you are able to sew, knit, or simply tie a knot; pick out a pattern that reminds you of your child. This could be their favorite color, an animal, or a print of some kind. Make one or many and donate them to the local children’s hospital.
  • Give a toy. On your child’s birthday or on a holiday, such as Christmas or Easter, pick out a special toy. This could be a toy that you think your child may have liked at that age or time. Donate the toy to a shelter, toy drive, or hospital in your child’s name.
  • Offer a gift card. Carry a gift card, in any amount you choose, in your purse or wallet. Write your child’s name in the FROM line. Give it to a stranger as you go through your day. No matter the amount, it could brighten that person’s day.
  • Donate. Donate food to the food shelf. Donate old books to the library or find a little library near you. Donate clothes that you do not wear anymore to a homeless shelter. Donate money to a charity of your choice that might have some meaning to you.
  • Spread beauty. Use sidewalk chalk to add color and beauty to your neighborhood. Draw a picture of something that reminds you of your child. Write a quote or a saying that might make someone feel good.
  • Call someone. Call a close family member or friend. Call a parent who has also lost a child. If you are able, talk to them about your child. Your favorite memories, what you miss, or what emotions come up during your talk. Or just call to catch up, let them know you are thinking about them.
  • Write a thank you note. Color a picture or artwork of some kind. Decorate your own cards or postcards. Give the pictures or cards to a nursing home or the children’s hospital. Send them to family or friends.

Use your creativity and the memories you have of your child to inspire you. Knowing your child is being honored and remembered. You never know, maybe one of your random acts of kindness helped another parent who has lost their child.

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